Welcome to The Sanity Clause, a blog dedicated to film, sane and rational thought and a healthy sense of humor.

Here on The Sanity Clause, you can read reviews of classic and recent films, along with commentary articles, lists, Oscar predictions, movie news and more.

Everything here is written by Brian Welk. Brian is a journalist graduated from Indiana University and currently living in the Chicagoland area. He is the News Editor for Sound on Sight, he has earned bylines at ReelChicago, Metromix Chicago, Moviepilot, Svelto Magazine, The Artifice and the Indiana Daily Student and IDS Weekend.

Brian is available for freelancing and is a critic and writer for hire. 

If you would like to ask Brian a question or contact him, you can email: bwelk608 “at” gmail.com

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You can also follow Brian on Twitter: “at” brianwelk

Visit The Sanity Clause Tumblr for Shots of the Day and other updates.

If you’re really interested in what I’m up to and what some of my favorites are, check out my profile on Letterboxd.

And to read more of my work, you can follow these links:

Brian Welk on Sound on Sight

Reviews and features on IDS WEEKEND

Articles and features at the Indiana Daily Student



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  1. Hi was doing a quick browse of new LAMBs and your blog looks like one I’ll enjoy. Just followed you on Twitter which I finally joined to help share my wordschat blog and quick tweet reviews. Look forward to reading more.


  2. Excellent blog you’ve got here, keep up the good work.


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