The News Reel Podcast

I’m the Co-Host of The News Reel, a film news podcast I record each week along with Zach Dennis. Currently we’re hosted on Cut Print Film, but we started the show at Sound on Sight as SOS This Week before becoming The News Reel. We then transitioned over to Cut Print Film and now have over 50 episodes. The show looks at recent Top Stories in film, including trailers, new projects, casting and obituaries, followed by a Main Story with a guest looking at a broader trendBelow you can click on links to our episodes since transitioning to Cut Print Film. You can find all of these episodes and subscribe to our feed on iTunes.

Episode 50: Rethinking Hollywood’s Sequel Strategy

Episode 49: The Myth of the Unfilmable Novel (with Tasha Robinson)

Episode 48: The Hidden Sexism Surrounding Ghostbusters

Episode 47: How to Fix The Modern Blockbuster (with Ryan Gimarc)

Episode 46: 2016 Summer Movie Preview

Episode 45: Ghost in the Shell and Hollywood Whitewashing (with Angie Han)

Episode 44: Masculinity in the Films of Richard Linklater (with Monica Castillo)

Episode 43: Visual FX in Movies We Don’t Even Notice (with Logan Hill)

Episode 42: Fans v. Critics: Dawn of Backlash (with Jon Negroni)

Episode 41: Batman v. Superman and Why Superhero Movies Can’t Be More Fun

Episode 40: How 10 Cloverfield Lane Can Change Movie Franchises (with Kevin Lincoln)

Episode 39: The Year Women Broke Out (with Caroline Siede)

Episode 38: The Oscars Predictions and Predicaments (with A.R. Magalli)

Episode 37: The Fans Who Saved Star Wars (with Corey Atad)

Episode 36: The Coen Brothers, Ranking their Films, and Hail, Caesar!

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